Bed Bug

Bedbug     Cimex lectularius

Adult Bedbugs are oval shaped, flattened, reddish-brown in color,
and are about 3/16 to 1/5 of an inch long. After a blood meal their
bodies will expand to become more round or swollen, and they will
appear more dark red. They have a beaklike mouth sucking parts
and small stubby, non-functional wing pads. The nymphs (juveniles)
resemble adults just smaller and a lighter color. The eggs are white
and 1/32 of an inch long.
Female Bedbugs lay 1 to 12 per day, the eggs are deposited on
rough surfaces, cracks, or crevices adhered with a sticky substance
to help them stay in place. The eggs will hatch within 6 to 17 days,
and when the eggs hatch the nymphs emerge and can immediately
begin to feed.
Before they molt for the first time they must have a blood meal, once
they do this they begin to molt after every blood meal until they
reach full maturity, which is usually 5 molts. The time it takes from
nymph to full adult depends on temperature, 21 days at 86 degrees
F and 120 days at 65 degrees F. This period is also effected by the
amount of feedings they are able to have, the nymphs and adults
can survive without food for prolonged periods of time. The adult
Bedbug can live up to 18 months, and more up to 3 generations can
occur each year.
Bedbugs are nocturnal and blood-feeders. They prefer humans but
also feed on other warm-blooded animals such as, rats, birds, bats,
and homeowners pets. During the day they hide in clothes or cloth
material, such as bed linens or pillows, box springs and their
coverings, floor boards, book cases, night stands, and when the
infestation is large, they may even find areas even further from their
feeding site; wall hangings and pictures, drapery, cracks in plaster,
loosened wall paper, and ceiling moldings. When night comes, the
Bedbug will leave its hiding place to find a blood meal, when they
first begin to feed, they bite the area and inject the saliva (which
causes reactions in some) to help them ingest the blood. After three
minutes the Bedbug will be fully engorged with blood, some full
grown Bedbugs will feed for 10 to 15 minutes. When they are done
feeding they will go back to their hiding place to digest their meal,
when they are hungry again they will search for another host, if not
the same one.

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Bed Bugs
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