House Centipede        (Scutigera coleoptrata)

House Centipedes are grayish-yellow, with three dark lines
running down its back, it has 15 sets of long slender legs making
it appear larger than it actually is. The House Centipede without
its legs is only about an inch long, but when you include its legs it
can look up to three to four inches long. The larva of the House
Centipede only have 4 sets of legs, but once they go through the
larval and adolescent stages they will be full adults.

Centipedes when indoors mate in dark, cool, damp cracks and
crevices, either in basements, crawlspaces, cellars, cupboards
near damp areas, or bathrooms. When the eggs hatch the larvae
go through 5 to 6 molts, where they grown a set of legs each molt,
they then go through 4 more adolescent molts before they reach
full grown adults. Centipedes are very long lived creatures,
sometimes in the right conditions up to 6 years.

When House Centipedes are found are found indoors you may
find them in basements, crawlspaces, cellars, unfinished areas of
a home, under the foundations of homes, bathrooms, etc. These
creatures run swiftly when disturbed and may even seem to be
running toward you at time, but this is only because they feel your
clothing may be a suitable hiding place for them. The House
Centipede may look scary, but they are harmless to humans, they
are found in small numbers maybe three at the most, and if they
are handled carelessly, one may be bitten which only equates to a
slight bee sting, possibly no reaction at all.

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