European Earwig   ( Forficula auricularia)

The adult European Earwig is about 5/8 of an inch long, they have
wings but they are rarely used, its body is a reddish-brown color,
and its legs are yellowish-brown. There is one distinction between
males and females being the males forceps in the rear are more
pincher like, where as the females are straighter. The nymph of the
European Earwig looks like the adults but lack wings and are
smaller. The eggs are oval and white or cream colored.
The European Earwig is one of the few insects where the female
guards the nest. During late winter to early spring the female will
sought out a nesting site where she will lay her eggs. This is
normally in soil, under logs, or under stones.
She then lays her eggs 20 to 50 eggs, huddling them together, and
stands guard of her nest until they hatch. She will stay with her
young and provide maternal care and protection until they molt at
least one time, when they are ready to go out of the nest. The
young will continue to go to the nesting site during the day for
shelter, and once they have molted a few more times they are large
enough to fend for themselves.

European Earwigs are more active during the night, and are hidden
during the day. They are sometimes found huddled together in
cracks and crevices until night time when they go out to forage for
food. They may eat other small insects, but mainly they eat flower
petals, soft vegetables or fruits, or seedling plants when the weather
is hot. This insect prefers damp, cool, and dark places to live. When
found outdoors they are normally seen under rocks, mulch, in trash,
under wood piles, in compost piles, under logs or in trees, etc. If this
type of earwig is found indoors, it is common to find them in
basements, crawlspaces, near windows or doors frames, and
bathrooms, feeding on greasy or oily food particles and houseplants.
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