Pillbug            (Armadillidium vulgare)

These crustaceans are actually not insects they are arthropods,
meaning they have a segmented body connected by pairs. They are
brownish to slate gray in color, measuring as adults up to 3/4 of an
inch. Their body segments look like armor, giving them the look of
an armadillo. They have one set of eyes, seven sets of legs, and
two set of antennae. These creatures have the ability to roll up into
a tight ball when disturbed, where they got the nick name

Pillbugs mate throughout the year, but mostly in the spring, in one
year they can mate up to 3 times producing 7 to 200 young. The
eggs are deposited and held in the mothers pouch located on her
underside. It takes about 45 days for the eggs to develop, hatch,
and the young to emerge from the pouch. The young Pillbugs are
white in color and molt within 1 to 2 days to create their hard shell
exterior, and continue to molt every 1 to 3 weeks thereafter,
reaching adulthood in 20 weeks. These Pillbugs can live up to 3
years depending on weather conditions.

Pillbugs live outdoors, feeding on decaying organic matter and
occasionally young plants and their roots. They may become pests
in and around homes where flower bed mulches, grass clippings,
leaf litter, rotting boards, trash, rocks and pet droppings are
present. Adequate moisture is essential for their survival, and they
group in masses to reduce water loss. On a hot day, they remain
under objects on the damp ground and are active only at night due
to lower temperatures and more humid conditions. They become
inactive during the winter months except in heated buildings such as
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