Residential  Pest Elimination & Prevention
Our residential services are effective, affordable, and
environmentally responsible. Service can be done on an as-
needed basis or we can build a program of regular service
meet your specific needs.  

One-Time Service
Absolute Pest Control Mgmt’s Target Pest program treats
specific pests--such as ants, roaches, bedbugs, mice/rats,
spiders, individually, with the most effective tools and
techniques available to the pest management industry.  After
treatment APCM guarantees that if the pest returns within 30
days of the treatment, so will APCM at no additional charge.
For a more comprehensive pest program Absolute Pest
Control Mgmt also offers the Guardian program, which takes a
more proactive approach to eliminating a number of different

Monthly  Maintenance
Absolute Pest Control Mgmt's GUARDIAN Program keeps
bugs out of the home
In the past, keeping your home protected from pests usually
meant treatments inside your home. How many times have you
thought to yourself that, if you could keep pests from getting
in, you wouldn't have to get them out?
The GUARDIAN Program's pest management strategy is to
attack insects outside your home before they have a chance to
enter. By attacking insects outside, where they live, the
Guardian Program eliminates the need for repeated interior
applications of pesticides.

Your APCM Technician uses specialized formulations which
are applied with precision to specific locations, enabling us to
protect your home for up to three months. Treatments are
concentrated around pest entry areas such as windows,
doors, shutters, eaves, and around steps, porches & decks,
near vents and around pipes and wires - all areas where pests
may gain entry into your home. Along with protecting these
interception zones, we also reduce the reservoir of insect
populations around your home by creating a barrier in the soil,
3-5 feet around the structure and up on the foundation wall. By
placing this barrier around and on the foundation, the
GUARDIAN Program focuses on harborage sites in turf,
mulched flower beds and around shrubs. Your APCM
Technician has been trained to find and treat vulnerable areas
to stop pests before the enter your home!

The GUARDIAN Program is most effective against the
following pests:

Ants, Wasps & Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Millipedes &
Centipedes,        Honey & Bumble Bees, Crickets, Mud
Daubers,  Spiders,  Beetles,        Pillbugs, Ladybugs, etc...
Residential Services
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Pest Control Management
Our Ontario climate, with our hot summers and relatively mild
springs and past, many Ontario exterminators relied on heavy
applications of pesticides to keep pests away.  Nowadays,
most homeowners prefer more environmentally-responsible
pest control programs that utilize non-chemical methods
whenever possible, and use pesticides sparingly and only
when needed.

Absolute Pest Control Mgmt  believes that effective and
environmentally responsible pest control begins with
non-chemical measures, such as correcting conditions that
are conducive to pest infestations. Our residential pest control
plans are built on the same earth-friendly philosophy that
guides all of our work.

During our initial visit and on an ongoing basis, we make note
of conducive conditions that should be addressed, and
consult with the homeowner about the best available options
to correct these problems. Non-chemical measures are
suggested whenever practical, and pesticides applied only as
needed. This green pest control approach maximizes
effectiveness while minimizing the need for pesticide
Servig Barrie, Orillia, Wasaga Beach, Collinwood,
Midland, Penetanguishene,Stayner, Alliston
area   to get rid of ants,cockroaches,bed bugs,
fleas, wasps, bees, mice, rats, raccoons, skunks
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